The Rio de Janeiro 2022 World Boccia Championships started last Monday, the 5th, at Arena Carioca 1, in the Barra da Tijuca Olympic Park. This is the most important boccia competition until the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games.

Dohyun Kim (KOR) X Serafin Rodriguez (SPA) Photo: @Dantas Jr | ANDE

Understand a little better about how the competition for vacancies for the Paralympics in the most inclusive modality of the Paralympic program works:

World ranking points are awarded through the results of each match played in competitions sanctioned by World Boccia.

Depending on how many wins the athlete achieves in competitions, be it first, second or third place, he earns a certain amount of points, but it also depends on which stage of the competition he is in. In this sum, the points for entering a competition and also for progressing from a group stage to a round of 16, for example, are added.

Understanding the points disputed by the athletes:

  • Final (Golden and Silver): 03
  • Bronze Dispute: 03
  • Semifinal: 04
  • Quarter Final: 04
  • Round of 16: 02
  • Direct Advance to Elimination Stage: 02
  • Win Playoff Match: 01
  • Advanced to Playoff Stage: 01
  • Pool Match: 01
  • Participation: 01

In the pool match, each group has a number of athletes that depends on the number of registered athletes, depending on the number of registered athletes. The winner of each group advances directly to the quarterfinals, but if the number of groups is insufficient to fill all the athletes in the quarterfinals, a previous stage called playoff takes place. At this stage, the best runners-up compete for places to participate in the quarterfinals.

Each competition chosen to add points to the world ranking has its own coefficient. In Rio de Janeiro 2022, the coefficient is four, that is, the score achieved in each game is multiplied by four and this number is added to the world list of athletes in each class.