In the twelve courts of the Rio de Janeiro 2022 World Boccia Championships there have already been 133 Paralympic boccia matches after two of the eight days of competition. The biggest competition of the Paralympic cycle is very coveted by all athletes because it is the one that scores the most for the world ranking. This brings a unique emotion to the more than 170 athletes from the participating countries.

Rio de Janeiro Boccia World Championships 2022 | Dante Jr – ANDE

How does scoring work?! It has a coefficient four. That is, each point scored in the match by the athlete is multiplied by 4 and this value is added to the current score of the world ranking. Of course, as the athlete advances in the competition, he adds extra points to the ranking, which can also grow according to other criteria of the BISFed regulations.

This is one of the points that make this world championship the biggest and most important competition of the Paris 2024 cycle because the position in the world ranking is one of the classification criteria for the Games that will be held in France. It will be worth the cumulative score between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2023. And there is no other World Cup until then! Therefore: this is the best opportunity for athletes to add many points.

All this gives an enormous emotion, which of course does not take away the concentration of the more than 170 participating athletes from 40 countries, so much so that many are already classified for the playoffs with a round in advance of the group stage. Among the hosts, who won were the leaders of the world ranking Andreza Vitória (BC1) and Maciel Santos (BC2). Josi Silva (BC4) was the last athlete to complete this list. The individual decisions will be on Saturday, the 10th, at Arena Carioca 1, in Rio de Janeiro.

This Thursday, Dec 8th, the last round of qualifying games will take place. For the first rounds, the athletes will enter the court at 9:30 am. Follow the results of the entire competition live here. And to watch it, also live, just access the ANDE channel on Youtube.

Cover Photo: Eliseu dos Santos (BR) x Pornchok Larpyen (THA) by Bruno Maia | ANDE