Olympic Park – Barra da Tijuca

The Olympic Park is a sports and leisure complex, built for the Rio2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The 118-hectares park was built on the former Nelson Piquet International Racetrack, which had previously been modified for the Rio2007 Pan and Parapan American Games.

The 03 Carioca Arenas, the Olympic Tennis Centre, the Velodrome, the Rio Olympic Arena and the Maria Lenk Aquatic Centre are located in the Olympic Park, in addition to 02 Marriott hotels, the 02 buildings that housed the International Transmission Centre and the Main Press Centre at Rio2016 Games. The Olympic Park also housed the temporary structures of the Olympic Aquatic Stadium and the Arena of the Future. After the Rio2016 Games, in the large circulation space in the centre of the park were built leisure areas, gardens and the Wall of Champions, known as the Olympic Way. This area became a public park in January 2017.

Carioca Arena 01

Carioca Arena 01 was the venue for Olympic Basketball, Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby. The facilities are located at the top of the Olympic Way and had a capacity for 15,000 spectators on the Rio2016 Games. For its legacy, the capacity is now of 5,000 seats, in 40,000 square metres of indoor space and has an infrastructure for national and international competitions. The competitions of BISFed 2022 Rio de Janeiro Boccia World Championships will take place in this Arena.

Carioca Arena 02

Carioca Arena 02 was the facility that held the competitions of Judo, Wrestling and Paralympic Boccia at the Rio2016 Games. It had a capacity for 10,000 spectators then, which afterwards was reduced to 2,000. The facility is located next to the Carioca Arena 01 – with an internal connection between the two arenas – and on BISFed 2022 Rio de Janeiro Boccia World Championships it will be used for Training activities, warm-up before the matches and will have Food, Living and Equipment Storage Areas.

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Rio de Janeiro will be welcoming a limited number of spectators for the up and coming Rio Boccia World Championships 2022 at the Arena Carioca at Olympic Park.
There is a limited number of available tickets per session and a booking system is in place. The link below can be used to book your ticket.

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