Rio de Janeiro

After hosting some of the largest sports events worldwide (Pan and Parapan American Games 2007, Military World Games 2011, Confederations Cup 2013, World Cup 2014, Olympics and Paralympic Games 2016), Rio de Janeiro has bolstered its position as a city with a nature for tourism and entertainment.

The city of Rio de Janeiro is one of the few, or maybe the one and only, place on Earth in which beaches, lakes, forests and mountains are so close to one another, in a way to create multiple landscapes involving natural wonders that are indescribable in words. In addition to these natural beauties, the History of Rio de Janeiro can be told on its architecture of churches, parks, palaces, theatres, museums, buildings and monuments, as another development path for tourism in the city that entices people from all over the world.

Aware of that, Rio de Janeiro’s government has been adopting measures to boost not only tourism, but also the services industry, entertainment, and events. New show houses, shopping malls, cultural spaces are being built with private investment, in order to reinforce the entertainment infrastructure. More and more, Rio de Janeiro hosts new events (corporative, sportive, cultural and leisure), and international attractions.

In addition, a good example is the Rock in Rio, that happened in the Olympic Park, and created 30.000 temporary jobs, injecting R$1,7 billion into the local economy in 2019. Furthermore: out of the 700.000 people that attended the event throughout two weekends between September and October, more than 60% were not from Rio de Janeiro.

Today, Rio de Janeiro can be characterized as the city of major events and entertainment.

Branding Concept

YES! A staircase…

We are called “symbols of overcoming”. As much as it sounds like a cliché, it is still a stigma that we carry only by our image.

It is not that this is not true! But we know that we are much more than that! We prove it every day, on and off the court. We prove to ourselves and to the world that it is not a simple barrier that will make our dreams crumble and that we are not afraid to face every step of life so that we reach the top with determination, wisdom, courage and a lot of faith that at every obstacle we overcome we will be closer and stronger towards a better world for people with disabilities.

Yes! A staircase… a portrayal of our challenges. Those that we accepted, not by choice, but because we know that we are able to overcome and stave to be more and more lessened.

Selarón Steps

The Selarón tiles were and will be the source of inspiration for the creation of the entire look of the event, in particular the logo of the event, all its stationery, the pieces that will decorate the internal and external areas of the arenas, and all arts to be placed at the FOP with emphasis on digital presentations on the video board and on the hard skirt of the event coordination table.

Selaron’s staircase is filled with colourful tiles in order to improve the look of where he lived and make the façade of his studio more pleasant.

Over time, visitors and friends of Selaron brought tiles from all over the world to present him, and little by little he inserted them into the work. The staircase was changeable, and from time to time it got new tiles, and some were also replaced.

The mosaic was formed by parts brought from other countries, added to thousands of other parts already inserted there, making the place more and more beautiful, colourful, and pleasant to the millions of people who visit it every year.

Brand Creator

Thulio Toledo Santos, 30 years old, graphic designer and illustrator, born in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. Invited by ANDE’s marketing department, Thulio created the event’s brand, being responsible for the entire visual identity of the competition.

In addition to his work activities, Thulio has been an athlete in class BC3 of Paralympic Boccia since 2015. He entered the sport invited by the current BC3 Paralympic champion, Antonio Leme. Since then, he has won some prominent positions in this class and attended in several competitions organized by ANDE.

“My dream is to play for the Brazilian team and compete internationally with the best in the world! Meanwhile, through this invitation I saw the opportunity to feel inside a world cup, even outside the court.”

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